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A Little About the Band

History (Just A Little)

The Lawrence Community Concert Band was formed in 1992, the collaborative brain child of then-Mayor Gloria Teti and Desidor "Desi" Maik. 

Since that time we consistently performed in and around Mercer County. 

IMG_0719 (4) copy.jpg

left to right: Gloria Teti, Desi Maik, Lew Thurston, Bob Bonitz, and Ron Taglairino

Who's In The Band

The name really sums it all up in two words: Community and Band. Our band consists of all volunteers, both professional and beginner musicians, teenagers and senior citizens, and pretty much any combination in between. New members and old members alike, come and play with us whenever you can! While numbering around thirty or forty people at the moment, the band can always grow, so feel free to come on out and try it if you're hesitating.


Where We Play

Weeden Park in Lawrenceville

Monroe Village (Monroe)

We play at community locations throughout Mercer County (mostly), including senior centers, nursing homes, and community parks. 

Hamilton Senior Center

Lawrence Senior Center (Lawrenceville)

Veterans Park in Lawrenceville

The Music Itself

The music we play is incredibly important.

In January, the band begins rehearsing new music for our concerts in June (typically three) and October (ideally two). Also, we usually perform at the Lawrence Memorial Day Ceremony in May and at two holiday concerts in December.

Past themes have included:

- Dancing through the Decades
- Band Favorites (for the 25th anniversary season)

- TV Show Themes

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